Apex Paranormal is a non-profit organization from the Kansas City metro area specializing in paranormal investigations.  We primarily serve the Kansas and Missouri areas but do travel for investigations.  As a Non-profit orgranization our investigations are provided free of charge to our clients.  All of our investigators have experienced paranormal activity and are driven to further the field of research and investigation.  We seek to find the answers to the experiences we have had and to help others gain a better understanding of the paranormal.

Our group offers a unique perspective in that each of us are licensed mental health professionals with a passion for the paranormal.  We come from different backgrounds and all have different perspectives on the paranormal.  Being professional counselors allow us to approach things from a person centered perspective, as well as bringing a scientific approach to all of our investigations.

As mental health professionals we understand the importance of confidentiality and will never disclose information about an investigation or our findings without first obtaining permission.  We approach our investigations with the intent of disproving or debunking activity and only when we cannot find a logical explanation will we label something as paranormal.

We are not a group of ghost hunters, hobbyists, or amatuers.  We are a group of professionals with a dedication to finding the truth and helping others.    Please contact us with any questions or comments you may have!


Scheduling Investigations

We are currently scheduling investigations for October 2016 and November 2016.  if you would like to request an investigation contact us HERE.

Stay Tuned......

Later in September we will be finalizing our review of and posting our evidence captured during out last 3 investigations at the Missouri State Penitentiary, Malvern Manor, and the Alexander Majors Home!

Check back soon to see what incredible evidence we caught during these investigations!

You can click on the picture below to read the investigation report from our latest adventure at the Alexander Majors Home!

Coming Soon....

This September, Apex was one of the 1st paranormal groups in Kansas City to investigate local claims of Bigfoot roaming Missouri!

We have posted out investigation report and will be posting a video shortly.  Check out the investigation report HERE.