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Elijah is a co-founder and lead investigator with the famed Apex Paranormal.  When not ghost hunting, he enjoys writing articles on the research Apex conducts.

EM Pumps: Method or Myth??

By: Elijah Buchholz – Apex Paranormal -June 1, 2017






In the world of paranormal investigation there seem to be occasional trends in equipment used.  Oftentimes this is influenced by paranormal TV shows and the debuting of new equipment.  Sometimes this is influenced by groups/individuals/websites that sell paranormal equipment, introducing the latest equipment for finding ghosts.  One such trend in the recent past is the use of Electromagnetic (EM) Pumps.


EM Pumps were first introduced as a paranormal tool by Digital Dowsing (Gary Galka’s company) in 2008 and were made more popular after being featured on the show Ghost Adventures throughout their 2nd season.  Not long after, many paranormal groups and individuals, began making their own pumps with promises that the use of EM pumps would increase paranormal activity dramatically.  We have seen a wide range of claims by paranormal groups and makers/sellers of EM pumps.  Most claim that the pump will increase the occurrence of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) with some claiming that audible and physical activity will be increased and some claiming that photographic evidence will increase with their use.


The basic premise is fairly simple and most EM pumps are made within a simple project box with an earth magnet glued to a rotating motor, often a small fan motor.  The motor spinning the magnet creates what is considered to be an EM field, that is emanated from the project box.  Various strengths of EM pumps can be found with typical results ranging from 2 mG up to 200+ mG.







Obviously our interest was piqued by a device that would increase the occurrence of paranormal activity.  We bought and tested several models of EM pumps, including some manufactured by Digital Dowsing as well as several “home-made” EM pumps that were offered for sale by paranormal groups and other individuals.  We began exploring these devices by “playing” with them at home and testing their capabilities. 


What we found was that they all generally operated the same while producing a variety of strengths of EM fields (actually, magnetic fields, not EM, are produced, will address this in a later blog).  All of the devices we tested produced similar results in that the closer to the device, the stronger the field  measured (using standard variety of EMF Meters) and the farther away from the device the field decompensated fairly rapidly.  By about 12 inches away, with each device, the field was non-measurable.  This is especially concerning when you consider that if the pump only radiates an EM field less than 12 inches away, how would a spirit be able to use such a small field?


Our next step in testing these was to do some research and see what testing/information was already out there.  Surprisingly, or not surprisingly, there was no research found that described testing these devices outside of the standard claims that it increased paranormal activity on investigations, little to no evidence was ever produced to prove this claim.  We decided then to begin testing the devices on our own. 


We spent 6 months testing the various EM Pumps in a variety of locations.  Our method involved choosing an isolated room/area inside a known haunted location, placing a digital voice recorder inside the “isolation room” for approximately one hour.  We would then place an EM pump inside the isolation room with the digital recorder for approximately one hour.  We would next remove the EM pump and leave the digital recorder in the isolation room for approximately one hour.  Following this experiment, we would compare results of evidence captured during each of these sessions.


We found consistent results in each of these experiments.  The EM Pump had no effect on the occurrence of paranormal activity whatsoever.  With each experiment, the results were consistently the same.  In those locations where we captured EVP before the EM pump, we captured the exact same amount of EVP during and after the EM Pump was running.  In addition, in those locations where we received no EVP before placing the EM Pump, we received no EVP during and after the placement of the EM Pump.


Based on these experiments, we have come to the conclusion that EM Pumps do not have any effect on paranormal activity.  We feel that our 6 months’ worth of data refutes the claims most make about the usefulness of EM pumps in investigating.  Our group has discontinued the use of EM pumps based on this research and while we’d encourage others to test them and come to their own conclusions, we would not recommend the use of EM pumps.


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