Cemeteries – Good for paranormal investigating?

By Jill Heinen – Apex Iowa












I’m part of the Apex Iowa team.  We actually began fulfilling our interest in the paranormal by investigating cemeteries.  Believe it or not, some of our best EVPs to date, have been captured in graveyards.

When investigating a cemetery, you need to make sure the weather conditions are in your favor.  Wind plays a huge factor when it comes to the effectiveness of the ghost hunting equipment. For example, it’s difficult to be able to hear an EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) on your DVR (digital voice recorder) when the wind is howling. The antennae on a REM Pod can be affected by the elements, as well, and be set off when there is absolutely nothing paranormal. It’s also difficult to communicate with each other in wind or rain.  You also need to make sure that you note nature’s noises on your recorder. The cemeteries we have investigated have been in very rural settings.  We have heard and picked up on the DVR everything from tractors to cows to coyotes. Also, please make sure to get the proper permission.








Some of the equipment we have experienced good luck with in cemeteries include: digital voice recorder for capturing EVPs (device used for capturing spirit voices not heard with the naked ear), EMF detector (in theory, when a spirit communicates there is a change in the electromagnetic field), REM Pod (a device that in theory, uses colored lights and audible tones when energy disturbances are detected), SB7 ghost box  (a device believed to be able to contact spirits through radio frequencies), and EDI (an all in one device that measures EMF, temperature and vibrations).

Many people have asked us, “Why would a spirit hang out in a graveyard?”  My opinion is as follows.  I do not believe that they do “hang out there”.  I think they can go wherever they want.  And when we investigate there and call upon them, especially by name, the can choose to come and pay us a visit and communicate with us.









For us, cemeteries were the perfect location to get started in the field.  They continue to be a favorite for us.  We enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and we have never not had some type of spirit interaction.




Jill has been investigating the paranormal for several years and

has in the past year joined the Apex family with the Apex Iowa team. 

She has a passion for the paranormal and loves investigating with

her teammates.