Ghost Hunting: Entertainment or Research?

By: Elijah Buchholz, Apex Paranormal



Earlier this week, I was listening to a podcast interview of a well-known researcher in the field of UFOlogy.  She touched on a topic that I feel is important for those in the paranormal world to discuss regularly.  Do all of these paranormal groups do what they do for the purpose of entertainment, attention, just for fun, or are they genuinely conducting research and contributing to a field of study??  


It seems like these days you can spit into the wind and hit 20 paranormal groups, especially when it comes to ghosts.  Ask any of them and they will probably tell you they are scientific-based and conduct research trying to further the field of paranormal study (many of the websites I have seen make these claims).  But are they really conducting scientific research and furthering a field or are they simply saying these things because that has become the norm in the paranormal world?  I would argue that most groups out there are entertainment or attention-driven rather than actual research based groups.


If we take a look at actual scientific fields of research, and I will

use psychology as my main example as this is my field of expertise,

what defines them as fields of research?  In psychology, research is

thoroughly planned, hypotheses are made, experiments are designed

and tested, and data is published for the public to exam and peers to

review.  The data and results that are published are publically accesible

and researchers are allowed/expected/encouraged to attempt to duplicate the results while adding to the body of knowledge that is being accumlated in a given field.  The question I would then propose is, how is this being done int he paranormal field??  Do paranormal groups strive to test hypotheses, develop and design specific experiments, and then share their gained knowledge within the paranormal field as a whole??  If so, where is this information being shared??


I have conducted my own personal research project to see if I could find paranormal groups that share their gained knowledge and attempts to build on others' research.  I have reached out to various other investigators to see if they are willing to share information/research with our group and vice versa.  Thus far I have been unable to find much online (there are exceptions to this, of course) and have not had much luck getting other investigators to collaborate on research.  I've even had one group tell me, "Get your own evidence and research".








If groups are unwilling to share their research, unwilling to put their findings out into the public, unwilling to collaborate and build upon one another's research, then how can the paranormal world ever be scientific-based?  How can the paranormal field ever be something that is furthered?  I would argue that it can't and it won't.  For the field of paranormal research to be taken seriously and to ever hope to be a field of scientific research, it is absolutely vital that we start taking what we do more seriously.  That we develop hypotheses, develop experiments to test these, and share our findings with one another.  Instead of just trendy words like "Para-unity", we need to act this out through collaboration and building on each other's work, make the actual research side of what we do public so others can learn from each other and grow in our field.


 Until this is done, paranormal groups will only be investigating for entertainment purposes and NOT for scientific research.  Investigating for the purposes of gaining attention and noteriety and not to further a field.


For our part, we have posted investigation reports for each and every investigation we do, detailing what we did during the investigation, what we have learned through debunking claims during an investigation, and what we hope to accomplish moving forward.  We also keep extensive research logs on each location we go to and strive to share this information with anyone that wants it (shoot us a message and we'll share any and all information we've gathered related to investigating or a specific location).  We also attempt to develop hypotheses, test these, and share them through our social media, our website, this blog, and anyone that is willing to discuss it with us.  We are far from perfect in our contributions to making this a scientific field but we are trying our best to improve constantly and collaborate with others.

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Elijah Buchholz

Elijah is a co-founder and lead investigator with the famed Apex Paranormal.  When not ghost hunting, he enjoys writing articles on the research Apex conducts.

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