Live Streaming: Paranormal Tool or Hinderance??

By: Elijah Buchholz - Apex Paranormal







It seems more and more social media apps are incorporating live video streaming into their applications.  Facebook Live, Periscope on Twitter, YouTube live video, etc.  With the advent of live video streaming, many paranormal groups have taken to social media during their investigations to engage their followers in becoming more involved through participating in the live streamed videos (Apex included).  Does live streaming video help a group?  If so, to what end?  Does live streaming video from an investigation hinder the investigation??


These are some interesting questions to think about and

discuss.  I can say that Apex has participated, most

especially, in Facebook Live during an investigation.  

It has been a fun tool to connect to our followers and to

engage them, throw the chat, in asking questions, participating

in EVP sessions, seeing Apex in action, and becoming part

of the investigation.


While it has proved to be a fun tool for engaging with our followers, it has also caused a couple of concerns.  First off, it seems that whenever we engage in Live Streaming Video on our investigations, it takes our attention off what we are doing there in the first place.  The investigation becomes more about who is watching, how many people, what comments are they making, how do we engage people more, how do we incorporate the comments people make into our investigation.  The investigation seems to become less focused on the obtaining evidence, creating and testing experiments, and gathering data and more attention-driven.  This also brings up another important factor for us, evidence.


We have not yet done any specific experiments involving Live Video Streaming, however, we have notice what seems to be a trend.  For whatever reason, our group seems to get an above average amount of EVP's when we investigate, often times leaving a location with quite a few voices that cannot be explaind or thrown out and a good number of what would be considered Class A EVP's.  However, during our last investigation at the Glore Psychiatric Museum in St. Joseph, MO we did not catch a single shred of evidence.  Now you could say that spirits are people, they don't perform on command or some investigations you just don't catch any evidence, and you would be right.  But for our group, at this incredible location, it was very odd for us to not have a single EVP to share afterwards.


This led us to ask why, why did we not catch a single piece

of evidence in a place that we usually catch a ton?  

One of the possible connections we could make was Live

Streaming.  We spent  a great portion of our investigation

Live Streaming Video (check out our Facebook page for

these videos).  Could there be a possible connection

to the amount of Live Streaming we did and the absence of any evidence??  We then took a brief look at other locations and situations where we used Live Streaming and evidence we captured and found that in none of the other times that we Live Streamed video did we catch any evidence.  Most of the other locations we did catch evidence during our investigation, just not while we were Live Streaming.  Hmm.....


Now I am not saying with any authority that we did not catch evidence because of the Live Video but it does make for an interesting theory and one that seems, at first, to be supported by our experiences.  This will definitely be something we will need to test out to gain further data on it but in the meantime, we may restrict our use of Live Streaming in order to focus our attention on the investigation and the collection of evidence.


When we first began investigating, a seasoned vet told us to approach an investigation with empathy and try to genuinely connect with the spirits at a location because this will provide greater evidence.  Thus far, he was right, so I wonder if the use of Live Streaming and the shift of focus during an investigation is what may possibly lead to no evidence being collected?  I also wonder if there is some possible scientific reason for this, could the radio signals/internet/wifi/whatever be interferring with a spirit's ability to communicate effectively??  So many possible avenues to explore with this new technology.  We look forward to seeing what others are experiencing and collaborating on this hypothesis!

Thoughts??  Send us your thoughts or comments!

Elijah Buchholz

Elijah is a co-founder and lead investigator with the famed Apex Paranormal.  When not ghost hunting, he enjoys writing articles on the research Apex conducts.