Beattie Mansion - August 18-20, 2017

St. Joseph, MO - 3-day investigation 


Once known as House on the Hill - an undisclosed location - has now been unveiled as the Armstrong Beattie Mansion. Last May, Apex Paranormal teamed together with 3 Girls in the Dark and Mid-Continent Paranormal to investigate this beautifully haunted 1854 brick-built mansion located in St. Joseph, MO. With thirty-six rooms and one hundred and sixty-three years of history, the each of us stepped within its walls and quickly noticed there was not just spiritual life inside this mansion. This home had its own heartbeat.

 The Armstrong Beattie Mansion will soon be considered one of St. Joe’s most haunted mansions. After providing the owner of the home the incredible evidence that was taken from the May 2017 investigation, he quickly realized that this mansion will never be a home to another person. It will only be the home to those that once lived and chosen to never leave. At that time the owner had then accepted our request for another investigation of the Beattie Mansion to find out if this home could be just as much alive as it was the last; only this time, we have our own “paranormal lockdown”.   For more information on the Beattie Mansion, check out their website at


Investigation Report

August 18, 2017

Night #1 of our lockdown, we invited Eric from Atchison Paranormal to join us for our first-ever “paranormal lockdown”. Although no EVP’s have been found at this time, we can confirm the each of us having our own share of paranormal experiences throughout the investigation. With Shannon at nerve center and Eric in the kitchen, Elijah, Ed, and Shawn had stepped out of the mansion for a brief moment. It was during Eric’s time alone in the kitchen that he had made his final decision from staying overnight to returning home. While spending time in the kitchen, Eric had claimed his feeling a presence standing behind him playing with his hair. Trying to remove himself from the presence in the kitchen, Eric had felt whatever spirit was with him during his EVP session was not ready to leave him quite yet.

Later in the night, we each separated into two groups – Elijah and Shannon in the basement; Shawn and Eric in the kitchen, and Ed at nerve center. Each group completed EVP sessions as well as using other digital devices to help make contact with any spirits that may be around. Seeming the kitchen wasn’t too active at the moment, Elijah and Shannon witnessed unexplainable scratching within the walls of the basement and the floors above in the boiler room. Unsure of the possibility of an EVP caught during this event, Elijah and Shannon did confirm hearing what seemed to be a young child and a woman speaking to each other in the basement.


August 19, 2017

Day #2 of our lockdown, we invited two additional guests: Brian from BFRO and Shay, family to Apex Paranormal. We had also invited Allie back to the mansion for a second walk-through to help us with any new information that may be important to our last night of investigation. It was during Allie’s walk-through that she had confirmed the effects of the eclipse and how much of the activity could be adversely different than the usual – a little less action with an increase of spiritual presence.

Night # of our lockdown, we began with introducing our guests to “dead time”. With only twenty-five minutes of silence, many of our team members witnessed apparitions in both the basement and second floor of the mansion;

 Shannon heard a woman’s voice call for Elijah, but did not receive an EVP to confirm this; as well as foots steps and tapping heard roaming the halls and steps of the mansion. It wasn’t until later, after Shay (one of our guests of the evening) had left after her unsettling experience during “dead time” that she noticed markings on her neck of someone who had possibly choked her. This being one of the many reasons she had chosen not to continue with the investigation.

 As night #2 continued with sensory deprivations, individual EVP sessions, and group EVP sessions, it wasn’t until we reach our “Grand Finale” in the kitchen, where the each of us sat around the kitchen table in hopes of honoring Armstong Beattie’s wife, Eliza. Announcing the invitation to all during an early afternoon session, we patiently waited for guest to arrive, crossing through lights to signal their presence, and speaking through the SB-7 to let us know they were here. During the hustle of lights flickering as the guests were arriving and slight chatter through the SB-7, it was then that we had all began to witness apparitions walking through the large dining room, the sounds of doors slamming near the entry way of the home, and the sound of a knock on the wall so defined that you could make out the sound of knuckles hitting the hard wood.

 After the night was complete, we each gathered back at nerve center to commence the end our investigation. Neither person had any significant experiences during the first or second night of lockdown; however, that is still to be discovered as we complete our EVP reviews.



Check back soon, we are pouring through the evidence.



We would like to thank the owner of the Beattie Mansion for allowing us to not only investigate this amazing home but to be able to openly share the history of this home as well as the incredible life it still holds inside. We would also like to thank him for allowing us the opportunity of sharing this mansion with so many others so that they too can have their own experiences of its history and paranormal activity. We would like to thank those that joined us during our lockdown: Eric from Atchison Paranormal, Brian from BFRO, and a family member of Apex, Shay. We would also like to thank Allie for joining us as well.


We are extremely excited to share this mansion with each person and paranormal group that wishes to learn about its history and the life it breathes. We are also excited to share these investigations and experiences during our next fall events in October.