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8/1/2017 - Live Streaming Video: Paranormal Investigation Tool or Hinderance - Elijah Buchholz

It seem more and more social media apps provide a Live Video Streaming service which many groups are using to connect and involve their followers on their investigations.  Does Live Video Streaming serve as a tool for investigators or does it hinder the research and collection of evidence on an investigation?


7/21/2017 - Ghost Hunting: Entertainment or Research? - Elijah Buchholz

Is the field of ghost hunting being conducted for entertainment or research purposes?  With so many groups claiming to be scientific based and research driven, with so many investigators talking about para-unity, is this what is actually happening or are we simply seeking entertainment, shock value, and social media attention?  This article examines the question, is ghost hunting done for entertainment or actual research in a scientfic field?


6/29/2017 - Cemeteries: Good for Paranormal Investigations? - Jill Heinen

I’m part of the Apex Iowa team.  We actually began fulfilling our interest in the paranormal by investigating cemeteries.  Believe it or not, some of our best EVPs to date, have been captured in graveyards. When investigating a cemetery, you need to make sure the weather conditions are in your favor.  Wind plays a huge factor when it comes to the effectiveness 


6/1/17 - EM Pumps: Method or Myth? - Elijah Buchholz

In the world of paranormal investigation there seem to be occasional trends in equipment used. Oftentimes this is influenced by paranormal TV shows and the debuting of new equipment. Sometimes this is influenced by groups/individuals/websites that sell.....


5/19/17 - Effects of Ghost Hunting - David Glidden

Paranormal teams come and go. The odds for a team to last more than a few years is minimal. Obviously there are multiple variables. Some die out from lack of passion, money, or personal reasons beyond what we perceive. As a founder of a paranormal team......


5/19/17 - Welcome and Introduction to our Blog!

In the scientific and academic worlds, there are peer-reviewed journals and scholarly publications that allow a furthering of scientific fields.                    These articles allow others to see the research being conducted and attempt to re-create that research as well as build off .....