This page features information on the various types of equipment we use in our investigations  You will also find information on how we use our equipment in our approach to investigations.   Our list of equipment is always growing and we will add new equipment as we receive it.  If you have any comments or questions about the equipment we use, feel free to contact us.  Our contact information can be found HERE.


 8-Channel Digital Video Recorder System - We use infared/nightvision cameras with audio, placed stationary to record video onto a digital video recorder which we can review for evidence at a later time or watch in real-time during the investigation.



Full-Spectrum Camcorder/Phantom Lites - This is a camcorder the records in full-spectrum with both the Infrared light and Ultra-violet light that is unable to be seen with our eyes.  We also employ 2 full-spectrum illuminating lights.  This camcorder is used both stationary and as a hand-held device.



Full-Spectrum Camcorder/IR Lights - This is a JVC Everio camcorder that has been modified to record with Infrared light or nightvision.  This also uses Infrared illuminating lights and can be mounted on brackets for ease as a hand-held device or as a stationary device.



Full Spectrum Action Camera - This camcorder is similar to a GoPro, it is smaller and can be used both as a handheld or stationary camera.  It is modified to record in Full Spectrum.  




Sony Regular Light Camcorder - This camcorder is a Sony HDR-XR100.  This camera records in regular lighting conditions and is used to take videos during normal lighting circumstances.  This camera is used to shoot video most often prior to an investigation or after an investigation and provides us with day-time or well lit video.



Xavee 108-LED IR Illuminator - This is an additional illuminating light that features 108-LED lights which provide Infrared lighting for stationary cameras.  This illuminator can provide up to 150 feet of light and is useful for recording in large rooms or long corridors.  It is mounted onto a tri-pod along with a stationary comcaroder.


Olympus Digital Voice Recorder - Our team uses a variety of digitial voice recorders.  This is an Olympus VN-722PC. model which allows us to capture Electronic Voice Phenomenon or EVP for short.  Digital Voice Recorders are used as hand-held devices and are also placed stationary in various locations to capture sound when investigators are not present.



Sony Digital Voice Recorder - This is another brand of digital voice recorder used by our team.  This is a Sony ICD-PX440.  Our team uses different brands and models of recorders as it is theorized that spirits can communicate on a variety of frequencies and various recorders utilize various frequencies to record.



RT Digital Voice Recorder - This is another recorder we use that allows for reviewing/listenig to audio in Real-Time



Tascam Digital Voice Recorder - This is another, professional, brand oc digital voice recorder used by our team.

ITC DEVICES - ITC Devices or Instrumental Transcommunication Devices are devices that utilize a variety of methods to allow for real-time communication with spirits.

SB-7 Spirit Box/External Speaker - The SB-7 spirit box is a device that cycles through AM or FM radio frequencies to create white noise.  It is theorized that spirits can communicate through this white noise and can be heard in real-time thus allowing for conversations to take place audibly.  The radio frequencies can be adjusted for AM, FM, forward and reverse and for a number of speeds.



SB-11 Spirit Box/Speaker - The SB-11 functions similarly to the SB-7 although it adds a 2nd cycle of radio frequencies to allow for additional white noise to be used and communicated through.



Ovlius X Device - The Ovilus X is a controversial device in the field of paranormal investigations as it can be highly unreliable.  This device contains a number of functions such as a word database that spirits can manipulate energy to choose words that are spoken and displayed, a phonetic generator which allows spirits to use energy to generate words, and along with a few other functions.  We no longer use this device as we found it to function as just a random word generator with no paranormal applications for our team. 

EMF DETECTORS - Spirits are said to both give off and use electromagnetic fields or EMF.  Because of this theory, our team utilizes various instruments designed to detect EMF and changes in EMF in the environment.

Mel Meter - The Mel Meter serves 2 main functions.  It detects EMF in the environment as well as the temperature nearby.  We use the model MEL-8704-R as a hand-held device to monitor fluctutations or changes in both EMF and temperature.




Mel Meter/REM - This device is the same as the Mel Meter listed above, however, it has one additional function.  This Mel Meter features an attenna at the top of the device that can generate it's own electromagetic field.  When this generated field if penetrated lights and an auditory alarm sound depending on the proximity and strength of what is penetrating the field.  This is usualful in asking spirits to touch the device as a means of communicating and showing their presence.



EM Pump - This is a device that generates an electromagnetic field.  This field is theorized to "fuel" spirits by providing them with an energy source to draw power from in manifesting themselves visually and audibly.  Apex deploys these throughout an investigation and has seen mixed results with them so far.  After extensive testing, Apex has determined that EM Pumps have no validity in paranormal investigating, therefore, we no longer use them.  Check out our BLOG ARTICLE on this topic.




EM White Noise Generator - This device creates an inaudible white noise as an EM field.  It is believed that this white noise helps to enhance the quality and frequency of EVPs.  It would seem that when we use this device we are able to capture more and better EVP's.





EDI Meter/EDI+ Meter - This device simultaniously measures changes in EMF, temperature, and uses a built-in geophone to measure vibrations, giving both visual and auditory alarms to indicate changes.  This can be used to demonstrate a presence when changes are seen in all 3 gauges on the meter at once.  The newer version, the EDI+ provides recording of readings and in addition to EMF, Vibration, and Temperature, includes Air Pressure and Humidity readings.




K2 Meter - The K2 meter is a controversial piece of equipment in paranormal investigations as it measures EMF, however, it is easily set off and can give erroneous readings.   Apex does use K2 meters but these are also used in conjunction with our Mel Meters and EDI meter.  If we are getting mutiple abnormal readings on multiple pieces of equipment then this holds more weight than just using a K2 meter.


Nikon Still Camera - Taking still photographs is invaluable in any paranormal investigation and along with our camcorders that are able to take photographs in both IR lighting and Full-Spectrum lighting, we employ a Nikon D3100 still camera for taking photographs with flash photography and in normal lighting conditions.



Cannon Powershot - This is another still photographic camera that our team uses for taking still photos of a location.  This camera also utilizes normal flash photography and is used both in the dark with the flash and in normal lighting conditions.




Misc. Equipment

Laser Grid - This piece of equipment is in the shape of a pen and is mounted on a mini-tripod.  This projects a laser grid and is often used in conjunction with a camcorder to detect movement, specifically shadows that may pass in front of the grid and can be captured in video evidence.


Motion Detector - This device is gives an audible alarm when something passes in front of it.  This can be used to also detect movement of spirits at a location and is sometimes used with a camcorder to capture potential video evidence of spirit movement.  The alarm can be set as a small chime or a loud alarm depending on if investigators are located close to it or in another part of a location.



Shadow Detector - This device measures a light field and when that light field is broken by a shadow, an LED light turns on alerting to shadow movement.  This can be used to detect movement of an entity or shadow figure in a given area.




Static Detector - This device measures changes in both positive and negative static electricity.  When negative static increases, the LED light will dim and when positive static increases the LED light will brighten.  This is another tool to measure changes in energy that may occur when spirits are present.



Static Detector Array - These (6) mini devices have small copper antennae and can be placed in a row or in a circle.  When a change in static energy is detected, a small blue light on the device will light up.  These are tools that can potentially/theoretically detect movement of an energy, or potential spirit, in a specific pattern i.e. down a hallway, up a stair case, etc.  Our group no longer uses these as we found them to either not work period due to shotty construction or to give false positives, randomly lighting up for no reason and with no static field nearby.



Geophone - This piece of equipment is used to detect vibrations in the enviornment.  It is placed most often onto a hard surface and can dectect any vibrations on that surface.  It is highly sensitive and has detected vibrations from across a large room through concrete, granite, and wood floors.  This can be used to detect unheard or heard footsteps and can be used to try and elicit communication through touching or tapping on the device.



REM Pod - The REM Pod is a circular device with an antenna.  When the antenna is extended, it gives off it's own field which when broken will alarm and light up.  This device has been useful in communicating and documenting the presence of activity.



2-way Radios - Our team utilizes 2-way radios as a means of staying in communication while setting up equipment for an investigation and during the course of an investigation.  It is an invaluable tool that allows us to decipher potential evidence and keep constant contact forthe safety of our team.