Elijah Buchholz - Investigator/Tech Guru/Co-Founder

Elijah is currently a supervisor/counselor at a local community mental health center in Olathe, KS.  Elijah has experienced a LOT of paranormal activity growing up in an old farmhouse in Iowa from the age of 7 years old.  These experiences drive him to seek answers to the paranormal and have instilled a desire to help those that are going through the unknown. 

Ed Lowder - Investigator/Strategic Planner/Co-Founder

Ed is currently a mental health counselor at a local community mental health center in Kansas City, MO.   Ed has an interest in the paranormal because of recent events which have caused him to speculate about the afterlife or spiritual connection to us.  Ed brings rational analysis and systemic approaches to investigations. Having a background in project management in residential and commercial construction projects along with training as a counselor helps Ed, as he too is attempting to find answers to the unknown

Shawn Holland - Investigator/PR Guy/Co-Founder

Shawn is currently a mental health counselor at a local community mental health center in Kansas City, MO.  Shawn is a believer but has yet to have personal experiences with the paranormal.  He has always had an interest in the paranormal and believes there is something happening out there.  Shawn wants to help others find the answers that we are all looking for.

Maddelyn Pearce - Investigator-In-Training

Maddelyn is currently a student in high school who is also working part time at a pizza place.  Her first experiences with the paranormal world sent her curiousity running wild.   She wishes to learn and discover more about the spirits that we share this world with; she's eager to assist the team in finding the truth for anyone experiencing the phenomenon that is the unknown.

Apex Paranormal

Apex Iowa

Jill Heinen - Investigator/PR/Social Media

Jill is a wife and mom of 3 who works for an agency that provides special education services to children. Jill has had paranormal experiences since her teenage years.  Jill  handles the PR and social media for Apex Iowa. Formerly with Paranormal Moms Society, Jill is honored to now be a part of Apex Paranormal and looks forward to the work that she and her team will accomplish as Apex Iowa.

Angie Johnson - Investigator/Techie

Angie is the wife of David and mom to their two sons, Dalton and Carter. She currently works as a Research Supervisor for a large pork production company in Iowa. Angie has been interested in all things paranormal for several years and for the past two, has conducted paranormal investigations with her team formerly known as P.M.S (Paranormal Moms Society). Angie especially enjoys learning and working with the ghost hunting equipment. 

Beth Cejka - Investigator/Researcher

Beth is the wife of Jim and mom of three children, Heidi, Cydnie and Jeff. She is a para educator at North Union Community School. Beth has been interested in the paranormal for a while. She became really involved when asked to go on a overnight ghost hunt, few years ago. For the past two years, Beth has been conducting paranormal investigations with her team of best friends formally known as P.M.S.(Paranormal Moms Society). She is looking forward to many new adventures in the investigations to come.

Shannon Johnson - Case Manager/Researcher

Shannon is currently attending school full time to pursue her degree in Social Work while working as an Assistant Manager for an apartment community in Kansas City. Shannon has experienced paranormal activity her entire life, with her first experiences beginning at the age of 6. Shannon loves researching and hopes this will help her to understand more of the paranormal world and help others to do the same.

Allie Westrick - Psychic/Medium

Allie has been immersed in the paranormal world since she was a small child. She began to see and speak with spirits at age five, and it didn’t take long for her family to realize that she was psychic. Allie had dedicated her entire life to studying the paranormal, and using her gifts to help others.  She’s been a professional tarot reader and paranormal investigator for the past seven years.

Allie has worked in psychic fairs in Arizona, and was on a psychic panel for 2017 predictions at Aquarius Books in Kansas City. She is currently writing a book about her experiences as a psychic. She also has a YouTube channel called 11th Messenger where she vlogs about her personal experiences.